Wisdom and insights from Mallika’s books and readings!

Mallika is obsessed of reading books and books.. It is her staple diet. Indira, my better half, has been a great contributor to this habit of Mallika – reading. Ever since we have been blessed with Aru, our second daughter, Indira could hardly spare time to read books for Mallika and she slowly started reading books by herself. Whenever I am at home, I try to be part of Mallika’s book reading exercises.

No body can disturb her when she is reading. This afternoon, Mallika was insisting on finishing her book, before coming to sit with all of us for her lunch. I went and sat next to her with another book from her grand collection – An Amar Chitra Katha – Tales of Yudhishtira.

while reading the book, I was again reminded of the influence books can have on a young mind…and the old alike… They are just like mirror to show you who you are..

The dialogue between Yama and Yudhishtira –

Yama – What makes an individual an enlightened one (Brahmin) – Birth, Conduct or Learning?
Yudhishtir – It is behaviour that makes one enlightened

Yama – What is that causes ceaseless wonder?
Yudhishtir – Day after day, countless people die. Yet, the living wish to live forever. What could be more extraordinary?

Yama – How do you become rich? How do you become happy?
Yudhishtir – If you abandon LUST, you will be rich. If you abandon DESIRE, you will be happy.

It had such a profound impact on me, just reading these dialogues this afternoon. I felt, these easy to read story books can be of immense value at any stage of life. I felt very blessed reading them with Mallika. I thought I should blog what struck me and will stick with me for life..

Mallika has finished reading thrice over, 120 of Amar chitra katha’s mythology and history collection… it is like back of her hand!!

Love. Sreeni

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