Incredible India! Nagaland

NagalandSPICMACAY-2008-06-20-0014Going to School                                ...1Catchin up!                                 ...2NagalandSPICMACAY-2008-06-21-0123NagalandSPICMACAY-2008-06-21-0068Party Time                                         ...2
Nurturing Talents                               ....7Naga Heritage Village, KisamaNagalandSPICMACAY-2008-06-15-0077NagalandSPICMACAY-2008-06-21-0147NagalandSPICMACAY-2008-06-20-00291From a Naga home
NagalandSPICMACAY-2008-06-20-0152NagalandSPICMACAY-2008-06-15-0057NagalandSPICMACAY-2008-06-21-0046NagalandSPICMACAY-2008-06-21-0114Hope and Conviction 1NagalandSPICMACAY-2008-06-21-0021
NagalandSPICMACAY-2008-06-21-0048Nurturing Talent                               ...3NagalandSPICMACAY-2008-06-19-0028NagalandSPICMACAY-2008-06-21-0033NagalandSPICMACAY-2008-06-21-0074NagalandSPICMACAY-2008-06-21-0131

Incredible India! Nagaland, a set on Flickr.

Nagaland, an amazing land of rich traditions and strong tribal followings. The eighteen tribes that are prominent have made the state vibrant in every term – the colors and weaves of the costumes, to style of cooking to the decoration of the houses. Everything is very distinct.

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