Think Big! Start Small! – India : Challenges or Opportunities?

– Almost 88% of Indian Economy is unorganized
– The companies, big or small, that we want to work for constitute only 12% of the economy
– Over 70% of Indian population is non-urban and reasonable chunk is well-off
– Majority is still looking for basic amenities and services
– In 2009, The number of work Visas issued to foreigners to work in India is more than number of Visas Indians applied for, to work abroad!!
– Over 30,000 Korean children are studying in Indian Schools under South Korean Government’s Focused program –> to conquer the 88% of the economy!!

So what are the implications?

– India is a vast nation with immense possibilities
– High potential to organize the unorganized
– The world is heading to India to take advantage of this vast potential
– Mukesh Ambani recently said, “There will be over a dozen companies as big as Reliance in 2025, many of those are yet to start their entrepreneurial journey!”; “India will create 20million jobs every year”;

Indian Universities do not cater to a couple of million, where will the rest come from? Watch this youtube video…

– Indian economy has grown leaps and bounds in the last two decades due to a great deal of entrepreneurial activity in IT/ITES sectors. The next two decades will see such huge activities in a range of small and medium enterprises, organizing the unorganized.
– The real opportunity with the statistics that we have, is in the space of entrepreneurship and nowhere. Are you game for it?

Watch more videos on these entrepreneurial endeavours in the unorganized spaces at IWSBINDIA channel on YOUTUBE. Wah India Wah!!

Think Big! Start Small! Watch out for my next tour of India on Entrepreneurship this December!!

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