Indus World School, Raipur gets its own campus today!

Greetings to all facilitators

(My message on the occasion of launch of IWS Raipur, Campus)

Good evening ladies and gentleman,

On behalf of IWS family, I extend my heartfelt greetings to all our facilitators – parents, families and friends, elders and facilitators from the government and society – who have extended unflinching support to our journey so far, and last but not the least to our mentors and wonderful young learners who have created a great enabling learning environment. Each one of you has made our journey of learning an exciting and interesting one.

Link to IWS Raipur page of

It is an auspicious and remarkable occasion in the short journey of IWS Raipur and I am missing being here, as I had to be in Bangalore for a session/conference that I had committed to, a few months ago. Satya and Sujit are here to be amongst you on this significant occasion, and along with Raj and all members of IWS Family will surely make this evening a memorable initiation at the new campus.

Our endeavour to create an inspiring learning environment is going to take a leap this evening – we will continue to bring ‘Ananda’ to the young, stoke ‘Jigyaasa’ as they progress into middle school and eventually help them get into the phase of ‘sadhana’ – that of realizing their aspirations – career and life, as they step into the world full of challenges and exciting opportunities. I look forward to active participation from each one of you in every aspect of this wonderful journey of your children as much as the journey of IWS Raipur and IWS family at large.

I will be here in Mid May and I will be glad to spend sometime with each one of you during my visit. I am as excited to reach out to you this evening,

Eagerly looking forward to meeting you soon,

Love and regards to one and all,



R. Sreenivasan,
chairman, Indus World School, Raipur,

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