Win over your Mind, Wield your Willow, Win your Wars !

CAT is done and dusted! You have slept over and the magical system of the mind, body and soul must have put you in a better place now!

A lot more to come….more exams…of course the interviews!

Life is a journey, Life is a celebration! Our potential is infinite. The journey of life is all about realizing that infinity!

CAT outcome is relative, comparative and not absolute! Year after year many get surprised when calls roll in from even the institutions that they never had hope from!

Hope whatever you did in CAT, it was high on accuracy ….


You ‘tried’ to do your best on that day!

Were you at your bestest? Perhaps not, no where near what you are…. possibly…

What should I do now?

Never lose any lesson, from any experience…

This is the exercise, I had asked most to do during run upto CAT…. I know most pushed this exercise aside as a time waster, inspite of my chasing them; A few did only to please me only to regret and have messaged me last evening!

Time to take stock again, based on CAT harakiri…..So that we pound the next set of exams to submission…..we crack the next step..the interviews…

XAT is coming so are others….

No point in feeling disappointed and demotivated. You need to fight from whatever position you are in. I am sure you can give your best…

Need deeper introspection of habits and attitudes that affects effectiveness in life…

Do not attribute to temporary issues…and gloss over the real concerns, the diseases you accumulated in the last 20+ years of your existence….

If you are disappointed with CAT, then a few of the following have certainly been your nemesis….


– purposefulness
– passion
– perseverance
– interests/disinterests
– focus and concentration
– managing time and resources
– smart work and choice making
– match temperament
– handling stress
– execution, ruthless on process and self

The following too took your toll

– laziness, putting hard yards
– fear of failures and outcomes

YOU never enjoyed…..and told yourself all the time…

– Don’t like reading
– Don’t like maths
– hate learning tables, reciprocals,…
– Never likes puzzles…
– sitting for 2 hours for studies is a challenge
– I do not have stamina to be at one work for long

Only when we are critical of our in-capabilities, our weaknesses, habits and see what we need to do to quickly fix them and work resolutely, will we be able to do course correction…,

Introspect and first write your notes on over-all 5 traits of yours, that are real challenges to you as a person, and how these affect your effectiveness in life…in general.

Then apply these traits and tell me how have these affected your effectiveness in each of the sections at the CAT…

How do you plan to reform yourselves to perform at your best of capabilities..

Introspect, write a blog post that shall be the torch that can show light to you, life long!…

Let us recoup our infinite capabilities and potential!

Battle may have been lost! War is still on…



If we win today in the Kanpur test against New Zealand, the credit must go to the young man, SHREYAS IYER, whose motto seems to be..


Get ready for the next exam….more importantly for the face2face round.

Be proactive! Do not waste any time.

Reset yourself, oh warrior!

Enroll yourself in PDP Personalized NOW, that focusses on making you AWARE of who you are, deep and incisive, and facilitates with all intensity to take the path of REFORMING yourselves leading to outstanding PERFORMANCE; The TRANSFORMATION that you shall undergo will be unbelievable! You shall CONQUER not only YOURSELF but more importantly, THE INTERVIEW PANEL and then soon, THE WORLD!

Enjoy the day….

Invest in yourself …

Look ahead…leap ahead…ride ahead.

Let me see…how compelling you will re-kick the journey!



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