Dirty dance of democracy? “Abki baar…” 10,000 cr by one, while the other is doing 4,000 cr “Haath” ki safai!

Isn’t the expenditure caps of 70lakhs for Loksabha and 28lakhs for assembly elections made mockery of?

One page ad in TOI or HT, one city edition say, Delhi or Mumbai, costs about 80 Lakhs to a Crore…… if you want it on the cover, it is 4-5 times?

PR : Abki Baar Dirty Dance
Every ad gets more corrupt govt

Imagine, it appears in every damn paper of the city/town and so many half page, quarter page ads across all NPs, across the country every day for over two months… then “Abki baar ..”  and “har ke saath” appearing on prime time, live sports on channels…where every 10 second costs a few lakhs !!

Kaise nahin hogi mehangayi
Kaise nahin hogi mehangayi

Mindblowing….. who is funding? What will these netas do after they come to power? obviously the state and nation has already been sold to the backers even before they get onto the gaddi!!

what should each citizen of the country do to stop it? What role does Election Commission play?

The CAP should be computed on these lines then – for any party for loksabha polls, it cannot

Haath ki safayi
Haath ki safayi

exceed 545 (seats) * 70 lakhs (per candidate)! may add about 20% for the party, for the nation as a whole!!

The polling has hardly begun, one more month of this madness to go….. the computations appearing of the spends by parties so far is grossly inhuman!

Imagine so many dying of hunger and poverty…..

what a dirty dance of democracy?

What do you say?

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