What are we contributing towards? can we spare a thought?

Watch this short film, a trailer…..

Do you feel the impact of our arbitrary acts of indifference?…. where is our consumerism leading to?

Evert time I board a train from New Delhi station, and as it crosses the cities and villages, I am shocked at the amount of plastic trash that lies all along the tracks. I find children playing in those heaps, women washing clothes or utensils, mostly using the stagnated water around their homes where this trash is floating! My heart bleeds.

How did this trash accumulate? Who is responsible? Do we have conscience in what we buy, how we buy, how we spend, how we dispose? I keep wondering who will clean it and when?

This film shows me how the impact is felt in those unimaginable corners of the world.

Let us pledge to think and act… love.


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