Kathak Choreography : Colors of Fire – Vidha Lal, Abhimanyu Lal (sreeni on stage)

Kathak - 'Colors of Fire' - My photographic interpretation of Choreography by Vidha Lal and Abhimanyu Lal
Kathak – ‘Colors of Fire’ – My photographic interpretation of Choreography by Vidha Lal and Abhimanyu Lal

a photo by Vasu.. on Flickr.

“Colors of Fire”, choreography by Vidha Lal and Abhimany Lal, under the blessings of Guru Geetanjali Lal, was a treat to watch. The concept of various colors of fire – Red, Orange, Black and yellow – depecting the emotions of a human being’s existentialism was beautifully interleaved in the choreographic presentation. The Slokas and Hymns from Indian scriptures, threaded into a fragrant and colorful garland that formed the backbone of the choreography.

I felt like taking a few of the saplings from that choreography to plant in my photographic garden of ‘inspiring talents, mesmerizing performances’. I welcome you to take a stroll through this garden of “Colors of Fire” on my ‘inspiring performances blog’, sreenionstage.wordpress.com,

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