Ten Du, Ten Don’t !!

In the last few days, I have been getting an extraordinary number of mails from students who are worried that their effort is not yielding the intended result. I have been addressing each individually.

As always, I was so inspired by the way Sachin went about the other day in the ODI in Hyderabad against Australians, that I thought of sharing my feelings. It is a great learning observing such greats.


Dear Achiever / CAT Taker,

In the journey of life, you have invested one year in bettering yourselves. Ask the question, have you not grown? You have. Why despair?

One cannot run ahead looking behind. All the learnings of the past year will pay dividends now. Nothing is lost till the last ball is bowled or last wicket taken. You are still miles away (only twenty days to CAT as a few aspirants wrote). Twenty days is a long time. It is JUST ABOUT what you SWITCH ON in yourselves in the next 20 secs.

Did you see Sachin diving to take the catch off the last ball of the Australian innings, even with Australian piled up 350 runs!! For him, giving his best, every ball, till the last ball of the innings is what mattered. For the most, who were watching the game (including many of his team mates within the ground), the game was over, they had given up. This pocket dynamo had different thoughts. He comes immediately back with his pads on, to go on to score a 175. He went through the whole 95 overs on the ground with same gutso, same determination and single minded pursuit. So much to learn from the performance of this simple, immortal human being. AMUL pays a tribute by saying “TEN DU, TEN Don’t”

This Young TEN DU’s First Interview – Just watch his determination and enthusiasm at the age of 16, and it is no different today with almost TEN X TEN (hundred) international centuries.

In any situation, there are two choices – one being, just be worried and the other, keeping up the challenge

How is it going to help you by being worried? If you are not performing well, it just an outcome of this worry? Could you just relax, revise and take all the tests without expectations. Just enjoy the process. Tell yourself that you are least bothered about getting in, and you will give your best and enjoy the process.

Make sure that whatever you attempt, you get it right. Do not be careless to lose marks. You should get marks at least for all the effort you have put in.

Kindly spend a few silent minutes relaxing yourselves every day through yoga or meditation. Use some music to focus yourself upon and relax. Even in exams whenever you are getting agitated, take a break.

You have done your best, you need to reap it now. You can do it only when you give your best without any pressure of the result.

Keep watching more and more motivational videos and movies, to charge yourself.

Wishing you all a very best. TEN Does, So Will U.




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